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What does 'suitable facilities' mean?

Suitable facilities, resources and staff could be defined overall as providing:

  • A positive, supportive and inclusive learning environment that enables all learners to achieve their full potential and to progress through the learning objectives as set out in Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks.
  • A dedicated teaching space or classroom for each year group, and suitable resources available to support the learning set out in Cambridge Primary and broader educational outcomes (books, libraries, computers, art and craft rooms, science labs or demonstration areas).
  • Teachers with recognised qualifications or previous experience. The criteria are not intended to be prescriptive in any way and are flexible to account for local circumstances.

They are, however, designed to ensure that prospective schools are able to offer the programme in a manner that we consider appropriate to facilitate the achievement of positive educational outcomes for learners. If prospective schools have queries about the suitability of their facilities and resources they are welcome to contact our Centre Support team via to discuss these.

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