Learner guides and other resources

We have produced a number of resources for learners, which are on our public website here. You will find new videos, a learner study guide and a learner revision guide. 

In additional, 22 in-depth Learner Guides are tailored for our syllabuses. These introduce learners to Cambridge IGCSE courses and explain how they will be assessed.

 By the end of each guide, learners should:  

  • have an overview of the course and what they will learn
  • understand the structure of the assessment
  • know how to show their skills to the best of their ability and understand how to reflect on their own learning. 

The learner guides also help students plan and monitor their revision, as they outline basic revision skills, include example revision planners and provide top revision techniques and checklists.

The route to access these resources on our public website is as follows: 

  • Cambridge For
  • Parents and students
  • In class
  • Study resources
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