How do I apply for an alternative venue?

If you want some or all of your candidates to take their exams at a venue that is not your registered Centre please complete and submit ‘Entries – Form 5'

Please remember:

  • The proposed security arrangements you detail on the form must comply fully with section 4.2 of the Cambridge Handbook
  • You cannot use an alternative venue unless you have our written permission to do so.
  • You should not split groups of candidates entered for the same subject between your centre and the alternative venue. Reasons for requesting an alternative venue may include:
  • lack of facilities for practicals
  • candidate is in hospital
  • candidate is home educated for medical reasons.

Please note that an approved application for an alternative venue will allow the Centre to open the question paper packet not more than one hour before the published Key Time (or in exceptional circumstances, with prior permission from Cambridge, before the standard Centre start time) for the examination. This will enable the paper(s) to be taken to the alternative venue.

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