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What do I do if I haven't received enough envelopes?

If you have scripts that need returning, we would request that you use your own envelopes, ensuring that they hold the scripts securely. For guidance on despatching scripts, please refer to the Despatching scripts section of our website.

Please note that Cambridge provides script envelopes based on your number of entries. We do not provide envelopes for outer packaging. If you are returning more than one script packet, please use your own outer packaging.


Why is Cambridge English on the envelope?

I can confirm that Cambridge International and Cambridge English are now using the same envelopes. Please be aware that you will not need to fill in the packing code or signature of supervisors section.


Why are envelopes the same sizes and do not match the despatch note?

We have recently changed our script return envelopes so they are all now the same size. You may have received a despatch note which refers to different size envelopes; the number of envelopes you receive should be the same as the total number of envelopes in your despatch notice. If you have entries for our Art syllabuses you will also receive the larger Art work return envelopes.


What if I cannot fit all the scripts into one envelope?

If one packet is not large enough, you can use two or more packets. Please put the bar-coded label on the first packet and number each of the packets (for example, 1 of 4, 2 of 4). Please show the candidate number range on each packet, you do not need to split the attendance register. Please place the register for the candidate range stated on the bar-coded label in the first packet. You can then tape the packets together that relate to the bar-coded label, please do not tape over the bar-coded label.

If you have lots of entries for an exam, you may receive more than one label. If you do, pack the scripts so they match the candidate number range on the label. Please split the attendance register so it matches the candidate stated on the bar-coded label. 

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