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Enquiries About Results - Appeals

If a school considers that we did not adhere to our Code of Practice when conducting a candidate's Enquiry about Results the only means by which we would investigate further would be for an Appeal to be submitted. We are unable to enter into discussions regarding individual candidates’ results, as this is the purpose of the Enquiries about Results and Appeals process.

The Appeals process focuses on whether Cambridge used procedures that were consistent with the Cambridge Code of Practice and whether we applied its procedures properly and fairly in arriving at its judgements.

Any appeal should state the way(s) in which the school thinks this was not the case and must be supported by the Head of Centre. Please note that an Appeal does not lead to the further reviewing of a candidate’s work (unless the procedure used is found to have been inconsistent with our Code of Practice or improper or unfair). Please note that all appeals must be submitted along with the relevant Appeals form, which can be found in the Support Materials section of Cambridge International Direct.

For full details of our Appeals process please refer to our Cambridge Appeals Regulations and Guidancedocument, which can be found on our website.

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