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How can our school become a registered Cambridge School? - Schools located in the UK with an NCN number


In order to have provided your UK school (who have a National Centre Number) with the ability to make entries for the June 2024 exam series, we needed to be in possession of your application form by midnight on 11 January 2024. Schools whose applications are received after this date can be given the ability to make entries for the November 2024 series onwards.


Please also note that while the final entry deadline is 21 February 2024, the deadline for ordering modified papers is 21 January 2024.


To register your UK school for the November 2024 exam series with Cambridge Assessment International Education, please:

Following receipt, we will process your application as soon as possible and supply confirmation of your registration, along with everything else you need to get started with Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Registration fees

As an NCN-registered UK school subject to Ofsted inspections, you will not be subject to any registration fees and will not require a pre-registration approval visit.

Registered Companies

Please be aware that credit checks will be performed on applicant schools who are registered companies, including Academies. Credit limits may be imposed as part of this process. 

Examination entries

Once registered, you can use the A2C Transport App to submit entries and receive results. We will also give you access to Cambridge International Direct, an online tool for Cambridge Exams Officers. Exams officers can find lots of useful information about the Cambridge Exams Cycle on our website here. Please also find attached our Getting Started Guide for Exams Officers.

If you have a small number of candidates to enter (e.g. fewer than 5), please consider entering these through a school already registered with us. Details of schools in your area and whether they accept 'private candidates' (students from other schools) can be found on our Find a Cambridge School page. 

Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)

Cambridge Assessment International Education is not a member of the Joint Council for Qualifications and therefore some of our regulations and processes are different from those of other UK exam boards. Please refer to the Cambridge Handbook (UK Supplement) for information about these differences.

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